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"This facility is magic. The staff are so kind and supportive. Christie is an incredible therapist and has solved every physical problem, including a disability I had for 30 years. I am a new person. Christie offers a weekly Pilates class that is wonderful and keeps you on target with exercises. There is also a wellness program that permits patients to use their exercise equipment. I was so fortunate to become a patient here. "
Nov 03, 2022

“I walked into Laguna Beach Physical Therapy and saw how helpful the staff was with all the patients. I was very impressed. I came in thinking I’d never be able to walk normally or even not walk again. After encouragement from all the staff, guidance and all around hard work, I am able to walk. Thank you all so much.”

Fernando C.

“Laguna Beach Physical Therapy is a happy, professional place. My pain has disappeared and I have been able to resume all my previous activities. The environment creates an attitude of positive healing. A+ to all the staff.”

Carroll B.

“The staff is excellent – the instruction clear and concise. I have been here many times and I would highly recommend Laguna Beach Physical Therapy.”

Allison C.

“What I liked best about Laguna Beach Physical Therapy is the smiling, caring staff and how they would answer my questions and give good explanations. If you come here with an open mind, follow the program designed for you, the therapists, and staff will send you out of here on the road to recovery and they make it fun to heal.”

Karen D.

“While providing excellent care, the staff of Laguna Beach Physical Therapy is exceptional in the manner they work together making sure all patients are being cared for and their camaraderie is really fun.”

Pauly K.

“I would highly recommend Laguna Beach Physical Therapy. The professional and caring staff has helped me to overcome my back pain and begin exercising again. I love the people who work here and thank them for their kindness and dedication.”

Betsy J.